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Terms & Conditions

Valid from 1st January 2013


Section 1: General Terms

1.1 You accept this sales contract with Automotive Wheels Ltd trading as Vanrims and Vanrims.co.uk.

1.2 All prices include VAT.

1.3 Prices may vary according to quantities ordered.

1.4 All products are subject to availability. 

1.5 All offers and promotions are subject to availability and are valid until the stated closing date but may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. 

1.6 All images are for representation only and may vary as fitments vary from that shown.

1.7 All prices are subject to supplier prices remaining constant. 

1.8 Our website is strictly for use with our customers, suppliers and authorised parties.

1.9 Misuse of our facilities including credit card payment gateway will result in investigation and possible prosecution of those found guilty of misuse. 

Section 2: Payment Terms

2.1 Products may be purchased by: Credit/Debit Card.

2.2 If payment is made with any other option other than credit card, then the standard delivery time will be extended to that length of time after the payment has been cleared. 

Section 3: Delivery Terms

3.1 Delivery time is subject to stock availability and delivery times advertised as a guide only. Automotive Wheels Ltd will endeavour to deliver your order as fast as it can. Most orders are received within 1-2 working days from the day of order. However please allow a maximum of up-to 28 days to receive goods or longer if previously agreed at the time of sale, you may cancel your order if the advertised delivery time is not acheivable.

3.2 Please use the delivery time given to you at the time of order as a guide only and do not make special arrangements on the estimated time, we will notify you of your expected delivery date. However as we use 3rd party couriers we are unable to guarantee any delivery date.

3.3 Any delivery from a date given by Automotive Wheels Ltd is an estimate only and Automotive Wheels Ltd will not be liable for any delays or consequences of delays in delivery. 

3.4 You must be available to accept deliveries, if you are not able to receive your order, please collect it from the delivery company or arrange for somebody to receive it for you. Courier companies return goods back to us after a number of days if no reasonable attempt is made to receive the goods, in this instance a second delivery charge will be payable if Automotive Wheels Ltd are required to resend the goods. 

3.5 You must check all items at the point of delivery for signs of damage. If the goods are damaged you must sign for them as "damaged" or refuse the delivery, contact us via phone or email within 7 working days.


Section 4: Fitting & Usage Terms

4.1 All products must be checked before and whilst fitting, that the products received are still in good order. 

4.2 We recommend that all items are fitted using our fitting guide. Automotive Wheels Ltd do not accept any liability in damages caused by ill-fitting, misuse or negligence of any parts supplied. Any fitting information provided by Automotive Wheels Ltd should be carefully considered and carries out with reasonable care and under the guidance of your vehicle handbook and recommended settings. Automotive Wheels Ltd accept no  liabaility of damage caused as a result of not taking reasonable care, regardless of our guidance or advice. During any fitting process if there is any cause for concern or consideration, we recommend contacting us if you are not confident in carrying out any work.

4.3 It is not possible to replace or refund items where they have been damaged by ill-fitting, misuse or negligence.


Section 6: Returns, Exchanges & Refunds:

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the day after you receive your goods. The goods must be returned in the condition that they arrived, must not have been fitted to the vehicle or used in any way. The goods must be repacked in the way in which they were sent and a refund or exchange will only be accepted after the wheels have been inspected upon receipt. Any damage caused to the goods when in return transit is the responsability of the customer. 

6.1.2 Faulty, incorrect or damaged goods will be exchanged at no cost to you, however you have a duty of care still to the products received and must make reasonable effort to ensure no damage is made to the goods whilst they are in your care. We are unable to collect and exchange wrong items until the goods are suitable packaged.

 Goods that are purchased as wheels only i.e. without tyres, are not returnable if they are or have been fitted with tyres or tyres fitted and removed. If the wrong products have been supplied by Automotive Wheels, we will exchange the products if tyres have previously been fitted.

In the event that a return, exchange or refund is processed we will accept no claim for compensation of time or losses as a result for any reason. This includes any claim made against a supplier or a partner, which should be made directly with the 3rd party. Contact details are available on request.


Section 7: Warranty

7.1 The warranty on all of our wheels including steel wheels and alloy wheels is a 2 years manufacturers warranty on finish and structure.

7.2 The terms of the warranty are as supplied with the registration form.

7.3 Upon any warranty claim, Automotive Wheels Ltd along with the product manufacturer will access the claim and make an impartial judgement on the cause of the problem. In the event that you disagree with the desicion, you may appoint an independant party (chosen at the discression of both parties) at your cost, If the thrid party finds against our decision we will refund the cost of the eveluation as well as process the warranty claim as required.

7.4 Warranty claims may be made for exchange or replacements only and will not be refunded.

Section 8: Information

7.1 Automotive Wheels Ltd will not share, distribute or resell your personal information in any way to outside companies.

7.2 Automotive Wheels Ltd will only contact you for promotional purposes if you have subscribed to our service. You may unsubscribe to this serve at any time by contacting us.

7.3 Automotive Wheels Ltd will contact you via email and telephone in direct relation to your order or enquiry with us. You must ensure that you have provided accurate contact details.

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This site uses cookies, gathers anonymous tracking statistics and records your ip address for prevention of fraud. To continue to use this site you must consent to our Privacy Policy. To find out more about how we process data, see our Privacy Policy.